Angelica Pascoe Wiki/Bio, Age, Family, Education, Boyfriend, Career, Photos

Angelica Pascoe is a business woman and model. She is 5’8 and has brown hair and brown eyes. Her exotic looks not only have brought her attention but also what she has done work wise. Her success in real estate as well as an influencer on social media have brought her tremendous public interest and she is now considered a public figure in the United States.

Years active: 13 years
Net worth: 200,000
Hobbies: traveling, fundraising, and modeling
Occupation: model, entrepreneur, social media star

Family’s member and education:

Angelica’s mother and father both attended FAU and have become investors in real estate as well as work in IT and finance. They are divorced. Her mother is Chilean and her father is American. Becuase they want her to follow in their footsteps she is attending FAU as well to get her bachelors in business while working full time in real estate.


Angelica started her first business at the age of 13 and from then on has created a name for herself. Although her many businesses have been the main cause of her early success she has also been asked to attend high profile clubs and events where she not only met celebrities but promoted the clubs and events with her presence. She is considered the envy of the ideal female body and face type.


Not only has she joined prestigious real estate organizations that are catapulting her into international real estate. She also has connections from traveling to Chilé every so often. Because of this, she has built strong relationships with people in and out of America who are old and new money.

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