Dr Enayet Ullah Abbasi Biography, Age, Wife, Videos, Career, Success

Enayetullah Abbasi, who is known as the abusive Maulana. He can also speak in a vulgar manner full of obscene insults. Although the traditional Milad Qiyam is called Mustahab, it shows extreme polarization. He also threatened to tear apart the traditional milad by pulling out the tongues of those who declared bidat in a public meeting.
At present, the response to the call of Deen Islam is spreading not only in Bengal but all over the world by him. A true descendant of the Prophet (peace be upon him), a true khankaya pir and a hero on the streets, a true Haqqani scholar.

Family Members –

Hadiye Bangal Shah Karamat Ali Jainpuri (R) was a descendant of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (R), for which Siddiqui was given at the end of the name of Allama Abbasi Huzur.
His 8th daughter Hajera Bibi (Rah). His son Zahuruddin Ahmad Abbasi (RA). His son Siddique Ahmad Abbasi (RA). His son Nesar Ahmad Abbasi (RA). His son Muhammad Enayetullah Abbasi.

Education –

He has ijaza (Licenses or Certificates) from Numerous Scholars, including Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali Al-Nadwi, and received his P.H.D from Lukhnow University.
Also, he has Master’s Da’wa (age) & Master’s in Islamic Fundamentals in Islamic University Nadwatul
thesis: Musannafat Ibne Zakaria Fillugatil Arabia, Lukhnow University.

There are some controversy about Abbasi Huzur. In May, 2019 Police had arrested Neymat Ullah Abbasi, younger brother of Jainpuri Pir alias Helicopter Huzur Enayet Ullah Abbasi, with a weapon at Pathantuli in Siddhirganj, Narayanganj. A firearm with a gun and bullet casings was recovered from him at the time.

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